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Face Mist

So, what exactly is a face mist?
Face mists, as opposed to mineral or thermal water, contain  botanicals that are skin-nourishing. t’s an efficient toner that closes pores, refreshes skin,  and prepares your face for the next stage in your skin care routine. The skin on the surface  of the face is soothed and nourished with just a few spritzes of face

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Face mists have a variety of advantages. They provide relief in hot weather and help to  counteract the drying effects of air conditioning and heating (and is ideal for skin care  during a flight). Face mists, like other cosmetic products, are intended to soothe skin,  tighten pores, nourish skin, and provide you with a healthy glow, among other things.  

One essential component of the Yess skin care range is a face dual mist. 
After cleaning your face, spritz your skin with a toner. Gently massage the  product into the skin before applying serums and moisturisers. Face mists can be used  throughout the day (without smudging your makeup) or whenever you need a quick  refreshment on the go.  

What are the advantages of using a face mist?  

Face spray is, without a doubt, the most effective skin reviver. Spraying your face with water  feels particularly refreshing on hot days, after a yoga practise, or during the afternoon  slump at work.  

Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day! Skin can be hydrated by spritzing on a  moisturising face spray after washing your face. Mists, in contrast to a number of  moisturisers, do not remove makeup.  

Using a face spray in between your skincare and makeup routines is another technique to  keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Using a mist between your cleanser and serum, your  moisturiser and primer, or your primer and makeup is a good example (allowing a few  moments for it to absorb after every spritz). The product you use to seal in the moisture  after each stage is applied after each step.  

An anti-redness face spray can assist to reduce the appearance of redness and irritation  while also hydrating dry skin. The perfect amount of face mist. Some compounds such as  alcohol and artificial scents can irate the pores of the skin, these need to be replaced with  natural alternatives such as aloe vera, grape wine, which are rich in anti-inflammatory  minerals. 

Not only are transparent powders and blotting sheets available, but they are not your only  options. Face mists containing silk powder or silica absorb excess oil while also hydrating the  skin. Due to the fact that it regulates oil production while moisturising, niacinamide is a  highly effective humectant.  

Acne-prone skin can benefit from the anti-bacterial properties of face mists. In contrast, a  moisturising mist, which frequently contains mild acid exfoliants, is used to remove dead  skin cells. Salicylic acid, betaine salicylate, and willow bark water are some of the greatest 

AHA Alpha-Hydroxy acids for avoiding breakouts, according to research. Depending on your  skin type, this mist may be used in place of or in addition to a daily leave-on acne treatment  regimen. 

Using a face spray prior to applying foundation helps to create a smoother, more  moisturised canvas for application. Make use of a conventional face mist or one of the new  priming face mists that have been created specifically for this purpose. In comparison to  silicone-based primers, it is an excellent option.  

A face mist can assist to prevent a heavy finish by letting foundation to spread more readily  on the skin. Face spray should be sprayed onto a makeup sponge. Gently rub any excess  product into your skin with your fingertips. 

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